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Changes in total- and <i>α</i> -amylase activities and wheat germ agglutinin content in wide-range herbicide resistant wheat lines

Halász, Á., Horváth-Szanics, E., Nagy-Gasztonyi, M., Pauk, J., Hajós, Gy.
Cereal research communications 2007 v.35 no.3 pp. 1405-1413
agglutinins, allergenicity, allergens, amylases, crops, databases, enzyme activity, food plants, food safety, genetic engineering, genetically modified foods, herbicide resistance, lectins, novel foods, plant proteins, safety assessment, scientists, transgenic plants, wheat, wheat germ
Protein sets, enzyme activities and immune reactivity against wheat germ agglutinin in the albumin-globulin fractions of parent and herbicide resistant transgenic wheat lines were studied.Our results showed significantly increased amylase activities and increased immune reactivity against wheat germ agglutinin in the herbicide resistant transgenic wheat lines, investigated. The amylases and lectins belong to the plant food allergens; this explains why both scientists and consumers are interested in assessing the allergenic potential of plant proteins and the safety assessment of novel foods and GM foods in highlight of food safety. This paper is an important contribution to our database and the understanding of what is going on with genetic engineering of crop plants.