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Prediction of root damaging during mechanical shaking of fruit trees

Láng, Z.
Progress in agricultural engineering sciences 2014 v.10 no.1 pp. 1-15
cherries, equations, field experimentation, fruit trees, models, prediction, risk, roots, soil
The possible effect of shaker harvest on root damage of 10-year-old cherry trees was studied on a simple tree structure model. The model was composed of elastic trunk and rigid main roots, the ends of which were connected to the surrounding soil via springs and dumping elements. Equations were set up to be able to calculate the relation between shaking height on the trunk and strain in the roots. To get the data for root break and their elongation at different shaking heights on the trunk, laboratory and field experiments were carried out on cherry trees and on their roots. Having evaluated the measured and calculated data it could be concluded that root damage is to be expected even at 3.6% strain and the risk of it increases with increased trunk amplitudes, i.e.<ul> <li>with the decrease of shaking height</li> <li>at smaller stem diameters (i.e. in younger plantation), and</li> <li>if the unbalanced mass of the shaker machine is too large for the given tree size.</li> </ul>