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ADM1-based modeling of anaerobic codigestion of maize silage and cattle manure – a feedstock characterisation for model implementation (part I) / Modelowanie kofermentacji kiszonki kukurydzy i obornika bydlęcego za pomocą ADM1 – charakterystyka wsadu surowcowego (część I)

Klimiuk, Ewa, Gusiatin, Zygmunt Mariusz, Bułkowska,, Pokój, Tomasz, Rynkowska, Sabina
Archives of environmental protection 2015 v.41 no.3 pp. 11-19
acid-base balance, anaerobic digestion, biodegradability, carbon, cattle manure, cellulose, chemical oxygen demand, corn silage, feedstocks, fractionation, hemicellulose, lignin, lipids, models, nitrogen content, organic matter, proteins, starch
This paper presents the results of fractionation of particulate and soluble organic matter in a mixture of maize silage and cattle manure (49:51% volatile solids) that was used as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion. The extended Weender’s analysis was adapted to measure raw protein, raw lipids, fraction of carbohydrates (including starch, cellulose, hemicelluloses) and lignin. The content of individual fractions in composite, Xc (as kg COD kg⁻¹ COD) was: 0.111 proteins, 0.048 lipids, 0.500 carbohydrates and 0.341 inerts. The biodegradability of Xc was 68%. Based on material balance, the carbon concentration in Xc was 0.0326 kmol C kg⁻¹ COD, whereas nitrogen concentration 0.0018 kmol N kg⁻¹ COD. The estimated pH of the feedstock based on acid-base equilibrium corresponded to the actual value (pH 7.14).