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ADM1-based modeling of anaerobic codigestion of maize silage and cattle manure – calibration of parameters and model verification (part II) / Modelowanie kofermentacji kiszonki kukurydzy i obornika bydlęcego za pomocą ADM1 – kalibracja i weryfikacja modelu (część II)

Bułkowska, Katarzyna, Białobrzewski, Ireneusz, Gusiatin, Zygmunt Mariusz, Klimiuk, Ewa, Pokój, Tomasz
Archives of environmental protection 2015 v.41 no.3 pp. 20-27
anaerobic digestion, biogas, cattle manure, corn silage, simulation models
The aim of this study was to implement ADM1xp model to simulate behavior of anaerobic co-digestion of maize silage and cattle manure. The accuracy of ADM1xp has been assessed against experimental data of anaerobic digestion, performed at OLR = 2.1 gVS dm⁻³·d⁻¹ and HRT = 45d. Due to the high number of parameters in ADM1xp, it was necessary to develop a customized procedure limiting the range of parameters to be estimated. The best fitting of experimental to simulated data was obtained after verification of 9 among 105 stoichiometric and kinetic parameters. The values of objective function (Jc) ranged between 0.003 (for valerate) and 211 (for biogas production).