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Radiographic evaluation of elbow incongruity in Skye terriers

Lappalainen, A. K., Hyvärinen, T., Junnila, J., Laitinen‐Vapaavuori, O.
The journal of small animal practice 2016 v.57 no.2 pp. 96-99
adolescence, dogs, elbows, lameness, questionnaires, radiography, screening, terriers
OBJECTIVES: Aims of this study were to radiographically evaluate elbow congruity and to explore associations between elbow incongruity and lameness in Skye terriers. METHODS: Mediolateral, 90°‐flexed, elbow joint radiographs were obtained for 45 Skye terriers. Elbow joint incongruity was graded mild, moderate or severe by measuring the width of the humeroulnar joint space. A questionnaire provided information on lameness history for each dog. RESULTS: In total, 49% (22/45) of the dogs had moderate or severe elbow joint incongruity which associated with lameness. Owner‐reported lameness was common: 15/45 (33%) dogs had been lame when less than one year old, and 6 (14%) had been lame at an older age. All dogs presenting with lameness when older than one year had also been lame in adolescence. CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Lameness and moderate‐to‐severe elbow joint incongruity were common in Skye terriers and the two were associated. A novel protocol for radiographic screening of elbow joint incongruity of chondrodystrophic breeds is suggested.