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Geographic Object-based Delineation of Neighborhoods of Accra, Ghana Using QuickBird Satellite Imagery

Stow, Douglas A., Lippitt, Christopher D., Weeks, John R.
Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing 2010 v.76 no.8 pp. 907-914
census data, computer software, image analysis, multispectral imagery, remote sensing, vegetation, Ghana
<p><i>The objective was to test GEographic Object-based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) techniques for delineating neighborhoods of Accra, Ghana using QuickBird multispectral imagery. Two approaches to aggregating census enumeration areas (EAs) based on image-derived measures of vegetation objects were tested: (a) merging adjacent EAs according to vegetation measures, and (b) image segmentation. Both approaches exploit readily available functions within commercial GEOBIA software. Image-derived neighborhood maps were compared to a reference map derived by spatial clustering of slum index values (from census data), to provide a relative assessment of potential map utility. A size-constrained iterative segmentation approach to aggregation was more successful than standard image segmentation or feature merge techniques. The segmentation approaches account for size and shape characteristics, enabling more realistic neighborhood boundaries to be delineated. The percentage of vegetation patches within each EA yielded more realistic delineation of potential neighborhoods than mean vegetation patch size per EA</i>.</p>