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Seismic-zonation of Port-au-Prince Using Pixel- and Object-based Imaging Analysis Methods on ASTER GDEM

Yong, Alan, Hough, Susan E., Cox, Brady R., Rathje, Ellen M., Bachhuber, Jeff, Dulberg, Ranon, Hulslander, David, Christiansen, Lisa, Abrams, Michael J.
Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing 2011 v.77 no.9 pp. 909-921
Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer, geophysics, image analysis, mountains, remote sensing, topography, Haiti
<p><i>We report about a preliminary study to evaluate the use of semi-automated imaging analysis of remotely-sensed DEM and field geophysical measurements to develop a seismic-zonation map of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. For in situ data, V<sub>s</sub>30 values are derived from the MASW technique deployed in and around the city. For satellite imagery, we use an ASTER GDEM of Hispaniola. We apply both pixel- and object-based imaging methods on the ASTER GDEM to explore local topography (absolute elevation values) and classify terrain types such as mountains, alluvial fans and basins/near-shore regions. We assign NEHRP seismic site class ranges based on available V<sub>s</sub>30 values. A comparison of results from imagery-based methods to results from traditional geologic-based approaches reveals good overall correspondence. We conclude that image analysis of RS data provides reliable first-order site characterization results in the absence of local data and can be useful to refine detailed site maps with sparse local data.</i></p>