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Effect of essential oils incorporated into an alginate-based edible coating on fresh-cut apple quality during storage

Chiabrando, V., Giacalone, G.
Quality assurance and safety of crops & foods 2015 v.7 no.3 pp. 251-259
alginates, anti-infective agents, antioxidants, apples, biodegradability, brix, catechol oxidase, cell respiration, cinnamon oil, coatings, cold storage, color, edible films, enzyme activity, fresh-cut produce, fruit quality, peroxidase, quality control, raw fruit, rosemary, texture, weight loss
Edible films, as carriers of antimicrobial compounds, constitute an approach for incorporating plant essential oils (EOs) into fresh-cut fruit surfaces. Biodegradable alginate-based coatings with and without EOs were applied to fresh-cut apple, cv. Golden Delicious, in order to find healthy treatments to better preserve fresh fruit quality and safety during postharvest cold storage. Physicochemical properties (°Brix, colour and texture), polyphenoloxidase (PPO) and peroxidase activity and browning potential were determined throughout cold storage. Alginate coatings containing cinnamon oil were more effective than rosemary at inhibiting respiration rates. The addition of EOs and antioxidant was more effective than alginate alone in reducing weight loss and preserving the original colour and lightness. Moreover EOs reduce the PPO and peroxidase activity, in particular in the firsts days after processing. These results show that EOs can be used to prepare edible films for fresh-cut fruit applications.