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Economic Yield, Fiber Trait and Sucking Insect Pest Incidence on Advanced Genotypes of Cotton in Pakistan

Shahid, M.R., Farooq, J., Mahmood, A., Iqbal, M.S., Mahmood, K., Abbas, H.G.
Cercetări agronomice în Moldova 2015 v.48 no.1 pp. 51-56
Aleyrodidae, Gossypium hirsutum, cotton, crop yield, cultivars, fiber quality, genotype, insect pests, instrumentation, leaves, manual harvesting, pest resistance, staple (fibers), Pakistan
To evaluate resistance against sucking insect pest of cotton 16 cultivars were used along with their economic yield and fiber traits. Population of jassid, whitefly and thrips was recorded by using leaf turn method, yield of seed cotton was determined by hand harvesting method, while qualitative fiber properties were measured through high volume instrumentation (HVI) method. Best yield performance and staple length was of FH- 158 (4000 kg/ha) (28.1 mm), respectively. Cotton cultivar FH-172 showed resistance toward jassid and thrips but FH-158 showed resistance against jassid. Thus these resistance cultivars along with other cultivars possessing resistance against insect pest should be explored. Additional research should identify the part of one pest species on the yield and fiber quality of cotton by managing other pest species to define better management strategies.