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Taste and Appearance in the Supply Chain, Where to Start? Spatial Distribution of Colour, Sugars and Acids in Growing Apples

Sadar, N., Tijskens, L. M. M., Urbanek Krajnc, A., Tojnko, S., Unuk, T.
Acta horticulturae 2015 no.1091 pp. 21-28
Malus domestica, apples, biopsy, citric acid, color, cultivars, fructose, glucose, spatial distribution, sucrose, supply chain, taste, trees
Samples were taken from apple flesh while at the tree (‘Gala’ and ‘Pinova’) using a biopsy sampling system. After sampling the wound was closed with vaseline, which prevented wound responses. Samples were taken at different times over the circumference of the apples (at about 70° above the equator) to monitor the spatio-temporal distribution of acids (malic, citric, fumaric) and sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose). At the same time the skin colour was assessed with a Minolta colour meter at the same location. The distribution over the circumference of the apples revealed for both cultivars a sinusoidal pattern for all colour aspects and for citric acid, while only fructose in ‘Gala’ showed a clear sinusoidal pattern. For all other variables measured, the pattern was only faint, with a low amplitude. Although the system is still prone to a large measuring error, biopsy sampling is a powerful tool to study the spatio-temporal distribution of taste components.