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Comparative genetic study of two sources of beta-tocopherol in sunflower / estudio genético comparativo de dos fuentes de beta-tocoferol en girasol / étude génétique comparative de deux sources de tocophérol bêta dans le tournesol

Vera-Ruiz, E.M., Pérez-Vich, B., Fernández-Martínez, J.M., Velasco, L.
Helia 2014 v.28 no.42 pp. 1-8
Helianthus annuus, beta-tocopherol, loci, seeds, transgressive segregation
Two different sunflower lines with increased beta-tocopherol concentration in the seeds, LG-15 and T589, have been developed. The objective of the present research was to conduct a comparative genetic study of the increased beta-tocopherol concentration in both lines. Plants of LG-15 were reciprocally crossed with plants of T589 in 2003. The F₁, F₂, BC to LG-15 and BC to T589 seed generations were produced in the same environment in 2004 and analyzed for tocopherol profile. The results indicated a strong environmental effect on the increased levels of beta-tocopherol concentration in LG-15 and T589, which averaged 30.5% and 25.8%, respectively, in 2003 and 43.2% and 54.0%, respectively, in 2004. The comparison of individual plant means and standard errors of individual plant means for the F₂ and BC generations with those in the non-segregating parental and F₁ generations indicated no transgressive segregation for beta-tocopherol concentration in F₂ or BC seeds. These results suggested that increased beta-tocopherol concentration in both lines is the result of genetic alterations at the same locus.