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Development of marker system for identification and certification of sunflower lines and hybrids on the basis of ssr-analysis / desarrollo de sistemas de marcadores para la identificación y certificación de líneas e híbridos de girasol sobre el análisis de los fragmentos ssr / développement d’un système de marqueurs pour l’identification et la certification de lignées et d’hybrides de tournesol à partir de l’analyse des fragments ssr

Antonova, T.S., Guchetl, S.Z., Tchelustnikova, T.A, Ramasanova, S.A.
Helia 2014 v.29 no.45 pp. 63-72
DNA, Helianthus annuus, alleles, certification, genetic markers, heterosis, hybrids, inbred lines, inheritance (genetics), loci, microsatellite repeats, seeds
An analysis of DNA microsatellite sequences of 17 sunflower inbred lines and hybrid combinations developed at VNIIMK has been conducted. Nine of the10 studied microsatellite loci were polymorphic, with the average number of alleles per locus of 2.2. One locus was monomorphic. Dominant type of inheritance was found in two loci, codominant in seven.At the level of similarity between lines from 0.19 to 0.97, individuality of each line and hybrid combination is revealed. Their molecular genetic passports were made on the basis of the nine loci. Suitability of the 9 loci for genetic purity tests of sunflower seeds in commercial lots has been shown. The seven codominant loci are suitable for definition of hybrid vigor.