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Combined treatment of green pitch pine wood by heat and superheated steam and the effects on physical properties of the products

Park, Yonggun, Eom, Chang-Deuk, Han, Yeonjung, Park, Jun-Ho, Chang, Yoon-Seong, Yang, Sang-Yun, Choi, Joon-Weon, Yeo, Hwanmyeong
Holzforschung 2013 v.68 no.3 pp. 327-335
Pinus, air, bending strength, compression strength, decay resistance, drying, equilibrium moisture content, hardness, heat, heat treatment, shrinkage, steam, wood
Pitch pine (P. rigida) wood was treated with superheated steam (SHS) and the subsequent effects due to drying and heat treatment (HT) were observed. The following treatment parameters were tested: 180°C air HT, 220°C air HT, 0.1 MPa–180°C SHS HT, 0.1 MPa–220°C SHS HT, 0.5 MPa–180°C SHS HT, and 0.5 MPa–220°C SHS HT. No drying checks were observed in the specimens (500×150×50 mm³) treated at 0.5 MPa–220°C SHS and with these treatment parameters, equilibrium moisture content (EMC) was the lowest. Low EMC has an effect on physical properties such as shrinkage, compressive strength parallel to the grain, bending strength, hardness, and decay resistance. Based on the results, it is expected that the green wood in a large scale is possible to be simultaneously dried and heat-treated without occurrence of checks by the SHS HT process.