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Desorption Isotherm of Mango Soy Fortified Yoghurt

Kumar, Pradyuman, Mishra, H. N.
International journal of food engineering 2005 v.1 no.5 pp. 17
desorption, equations, gelatin, mangoes, mathematical models, prediction, temperature, water activity, water content, yogurt
Desorption isotherms of three yoghurt samples viz. plain yoghurt, mango soy fortified yoghurt (MSFY) and MSFY containing 0.4 % gelatin stabilizer (MSFYG) were determined by gravimetric static method at 20, 30, 40 and 50 °C in the range of 0.11 – 0.81 water activity. It was found that desorption isotherm of yoghurt samples follow a typical type III sigmoid curve. Experimental data were fitted to five mathematical models i. e. modified Henderson, modified Chung Pfost, Oswin, Smith and Guggenheim-Anderson-deBoer (GAB). Equations were developed for the prediction of the GAB constants as a function of temperature and these equations were used during modeling. Standard error of estimate (SE), mean relative percentage error (P), percent root mean square (% RMS) and trend of residual plots were used to compare the goodness of fit. It was found that the GAB models were acceptable in describing equilibrium moisture content – water activity relationships for yoghurt samples over the entire experimental temperature range.