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Preparation and Characterization of Genipin-Crosslinked Chitosan Microspheres for the Sustained Release of Salidroside

Luo, Mei, Peng, Hailong, Deng, Zhonghua, Yin, Zhonghua, Zhao, Qiang, Xiong, Hua
International journal of food engineering 2015 v.11 no.3 pp. 323-333
chitosan, crosslinking, emulsions, encapsulation, functional foods, pH, particle size
Chitosan microspheres (CsMs) that encapsulate salidroside (Sal) were prepared by the emulsion crosslinking method with naturally occurring genipin (Gp) and then examined for their in vitro release. Sal-loaded CsMs (Sal-CsMs) showed nearly spherical and smooth surfaces with internal voids. The particle size of Sal-CsMs ranged within 0.56–5.01 μm, and their encapsulation efficiency and loading capacity were beyond 77.58% and 23.29%, respectively. The stability of Sal improved after entrapment into the CsMs. The release rate of Sal from CsMs was initially rapid, followed by sustained release. The release behavior depended on the pH of the release medium. The main release mechanisms underlying the release procedure were anomalous behavior and Fickian diffusion. These results indicated that CsMs with a novel crosslinker of Gp was a potential carrier system for producing functional foods containing Sal.