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A novel procedure of quantitation of virus based on microflow cytometry analysis

Vazquez, Diego, López-Vázquez, Carmen, Cutrín, Juan Manuel, Dopazo, Carlos P.
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 2016 v.100 no.5 pp. 2347-2354
Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus, biotechnology, equipment, flow cytometry, industry, models, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, technicians, titration, viruses
The accurate and fast titration of viruses is a critical step in research laboratories and biotechnology industries. Different approaches are commonly applied which either are time consuming (like the plaque and endpoint dilution assays) or do not ensure quantification of only infective particles (like quantitative real-time PCR). In the last decade, a methodology based on the analysis of infected cells by flow cytometry and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) has been reported as a fast and reliable test for the titration of some viruses. However, this technology needs expensive equipment and expert technicians to operate it. Recently, the “lab on a chip” integrated devices have brought about the miniaturization of this equipment, turning this technology into an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to traditional flow cytometry. In the present study, we have designed a microflow cytometry (μFC) procedure for the quantitation of viruses, using the infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV) as a model. The optimization of conditions and validation of the method are reported here.