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Effect of l-ascorbic acid addition on the quality attributes of micro-filtered coconut water stored at 4°C

Das Purkayastha, Manashi, Kalita, Dipankar, Mahnot, Nikhil Kr., Mahanta, Charu Lata, Mandal, Manabendra, Chaudhuri, Mihir K.
Innovative food science & emerging technologies 2012 v.16 pp. 69-79
ascorbic acid, coconuts, fatty acid composition, microfiltration, nutritive value, principal component analysis, reducing sugars, sensory properties, storage temperature, storage time, United States
Coconut water was processed through 2-stage microfiltration system and l-ascorbic acid (25mg/100ml) was added to it, and then stored at 4°C for 28days. Micro-filtered coconut water, added (AS) or without added (US) ascorbic acid was analyzed for physicochemical, sensorial and microbial changes. With increase in storage time perpetual decrease in nutritional values and sensory qualities of the samples occurred; nevertheless, AS was able to retain these qualities more than US. Added ascorbic acid delayed the decrease of clarity (% transmittance) (p<0.05), sensory qualities, and also slowed down the increase of reducing sugar and total fatty acids. A kinetic study of post processing quality loss was also conducted during the storage period. Adequacy of zero and first order kinetic models were dependent on the specific quality attributes that were studied. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) clearly showed that more drastic color and sensory changes occurred in US compared to AS. INDUSTRIAL RELEVANCE: Recently, microfiltration of coconut water has been found to be an alternative to thermal sterilization. This study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of l-ascorbic acid addition on the quality attributes of micro-filtered coconut water during low temperature storage (4°C for 28days). The study makes a reasonable comparison of the quality attributes of micro-filtered coconut water, with or without added ascorbic acid. Concerted effect of microfiltration and l-ascorbic acid addition proved to be a better method for processing coconut water than microfiltration alone.