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Regional Flood Frequency Analysis of the Seven Sites of Punjab, Pakistan, Using L-Moments

Hussain, Zamir, Pasha, G. R.
Water resources management 2009 v.23 no.10 pp. 1917-1933
floods, hydrologic models, linear models, logit analysis, probability, probability distribution, simulation models, Pakistan
L-moments based regional flood frequency analysis has been carried out on the seven sites of Punjab, Pakistan. Discordancy measure in terms of L-moments has been used to screen the data on each of the seven sites. Homogeneity of the region has been tested using the L-moments based heterogeneity measure (H). H has been calculated using four parameter Kappa distribution with 500 simulations. In order to find the most suitable distribution for quantile estimates, a number of L-moments based frequency distributions, such as, generalized logistic (GLO), generalized extreme-value (GEV), generalized normal (GNO), Pearson type III (PE3), generalized Pareto (GPA) and five parameter Wakeby (WAK) distribution, have been used. Based on the L-moment ratio diagram and Z DIST statistic, three distributions; GNO, GPA and GEV have been identified as the suitable candidates for regional distribution. Accuracy measures for the estimated regional growth curves and quantiles have been calculated for the three candidate distributions, using Monte Carlo simulations. Simulations study showed that GNO distribution is the robust distribution with GPA as suitable alternative but GEV is not an appropriate distribution for the study area.