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Correlation between efficacy and structure of recombinant epitope vaccines against bovine type O foot and mouth disease virus

Fang, Mingli, Li, Jianli, Wang, Hua, Yang, Ming, Zhang, Yongsheng, Zhou, Lei, Wei, Hongfei, Yang, Guang, Yu, Yue, Wei, Xuefeng, Yu, Yongli, Wang, Liying, Wan, Min
Biotechnology letters 2012 v.34 no.5 pp. 839-847
Foot-and-mouth disease virus, cattle, epitopes, foot-and-mouth disease, genes, guinea pigs, mice, neutralizing antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines, viruses
To develop recombinant epitope vaccines against foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV), genes coding for six recombinant proteins (rP1–rP6) consisting of different combinations of B cell and T cell epitope from VP1 capsid protein (VP1) of type O FMDV were constructed and the 3D structure of these proteins analyzed. This revealed a surface-exposed RGD sequence of B cell epitopes in all six recombinant proteins as that in VP1 of FMDV and rP1, rP2 and rP4 globally mimicked the backbone conformation of the VP1. rP1, rP2 and rP4 stimulated guinea pigs to produce higher level of neutralizing antibodies capable of protecting suckling mice against FMDV challenge. rP1 stimulated cattle to produce FMDV-neutralizing antibody. The data suggest that an efficient recombinant epitope vaccine against FMDV should share local similarities with the natural VP1 of FMDV.