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Assignment of genes to chromosome 4 of the River buffalo with a panel of buffalo-hamster hybrid cells

Nahas, S.M., Hondt, H.A., Othman, O.S., Bosma, A.A., Haan, N.A.
Journal of animal breeding and genetics 1993 v.110 no.1-6 pp. 182-185
buffaloes, cattle, chromosome translocation, chromosomes, clones, enzymes, genes, hamsters, hybrids
SUMMARY: To identify the river buffalo chromosome carrying the genes coding for GAPD, TPI1, and LDHB, karyotypic examination was carried out on 14 buffalo-hamster hybrid clones previously tested for presence of this syntenic group. In cattle, this group (U3) has been assigned to chromosome 5, which is assumed to be homologous to the long arm of buffalo chromosome 4. Chromosome 4 was present in all five clones expressing the three enzymes, and absent in all seven negative clones, indicating that in the buffalo GAPD, TPI1, and LDHB are located on chromosome 4. One clone, expressing GAPD and TPI1, but not LDHB, was found to carry a translocation between hamster marker chromosome M₂ and buffalo 4q1 → 4qter. In another clone, expressing LDHB, but not GAPD and TPI1, chromosome 4 was absent, while a very small, unidentifiable acrocentric was present. These observations suggest that LDHB is located in the proximal part of 4q1, and that GAPD and TPI1 are located more distally, in 4q1 → 4q2.