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Nutritional compositions and health promoting phytochemicals of camu-camu (myrciaria dubia) fruit: A review

Mst. Sorifa Akter, Sejong Oh, Jong-Bang Eun, Maruf Ahmed
Food research international 2011 v.44 no.7 pp. 1728-1732
Myrciaria dubia, ascorbic acid, bioactive properties, calcium, carotenoids, fruits, functional foods, iron, leucine, neoplasms, nutrition, phenolic compounds, phytochemicals, potassium, serine, valine
Camu-camu (Myrciaria dubia) fruits are promising sources of various bioactive compounds such as vitamin C, phenolic compounds and carotenoids. Camu-camu fruits are also good sources of potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorous and various kinds of amino acids such as serine, valine and leucine. Therefore, the presence of different bioactive compounds in camu-camu fruits could be used to retard or prevent various diseases such as cardiovascular and cancer. This is an update report on nutritional compositions and health promoting phytochemicals of camu-camu fruits. This review reveals that camu-camu fruits might be used as functional foods or for nutraceutical purposes.