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Quality and shelf life of mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit: As affected by cooling at harvest time

Baloch, Musa Kaleem, Bibi, Farzana, Jilani, Muhammad Saleem
Scientia horticulturae 2011 v.130 no.3 pp. 642-646
Mangifera indica, air, flavor, fruit quality, fruits, harvest date, heat, mangoes, maturity stage, microorganisms, nutritive value, ripening, shelf life, taste, transportation
Mango fruit has high nutritional values, nice flavor, taste, etc. and hence is known as king of fruits. However, it faces number of challenges such as attack of microorganisms, having short shelf life, mismanagement during transportation and storage. Therefore, two varieties of Pakistani mango fruits namely, Langra and Sammar Bahisht Chaunsa, were harvested and endeavored to prolong the shelf life while keeping the quality up to the requirement. For the purpose, the mango fruit was harvested at hard green stage of maturity; it was cleaned and subjected to analysis for different parameters. The rest of the fruit was kept in water and/or in air, maintained at 15°C, for different time periods and stored at 30°C till ripening. The fruit was analyzed for different parameters at the time when the control was ripened and at the ripening stage of each sample. The results obtained were correlated with/the heat removed during the pre-storage treatment and was observed that the impact of these treatments upon the quality and shelf life of the fruit was significantly under the limit P≤0.05. It was also observed that the heat removed as per treatment T₂ enhanced the quality of the fruit and prolonged the shelf life more than others.