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Die Konstanz der Melkordnung von Ziegen in Großen Gruppen

Sambraus, H.H., Keil, N.M.
Journal of animal breeding and genetics 1997 v.114 no.1-6 pp. 397-404
goats, milking, milking parlors
SUMMARY: Equality of ranking of goats at milking The existence of rank order at milking was investigated in two large groups of horned and polled goats, respectively. First, social rank was determined and an index of dominance constructed for each animal in each herd. Simultaneously, the ranking at milking was observed 17 times for horned and 20 times for the polled goats, respectively: 1 . The ranking at milking shows less than random variation. At each milking, animals assume roughly the same position. 2 . Uniformity of ranks was particularly evident at the beginning and at the end of milking. 3 . No connection was evident between social rank and milking rank. 4 . Higher yielding goats entered the milking parlour significantly earlier. 5 . Little differences in this behaviour seemed to exist between horned and polled goats. 6 . Ranking seems to be influenced by habits more than by measurable traits.