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Avocado by-products as inhibitors of color deterioration and lipid and protein oxidation in raw porcine patties subjected to chilled storage

Rodríguez-Carpena, J.G., Morcuende, D., Estévez, M.
Meat science 2011 v.89 no.2 pp. 166-173
avocados, byproducts, cold storage, color, discoloration, food production, food quality, ingredients, lipid peroxidation, patties, protein degradation, proteins, seed extracts, seeds, swine
Processing of avocados generates an important amount of by-products such as peels and seeds that are rich in bioactive substances with proven radical suppressing activities. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of peel and seed extracts from two avocado varieties—‘Hass’ and ‘Fuerte’—as inhibitors of lipid and protein oxidation and color deterioration of raw porcine patties during chilled storage (4°C/15days). Avocado extracts significantly (p<0.05) reduced the loss of redness and the increase of lightness during storage of porcine patties. ‘Fuerte’ extracts were more efficient at inhibiting discoloration of chilled patties than ‘Hass’ extracts. Patties treated with avocado extracts had significantly lower amounts of TBA-RS than control ones throughout the storage. ‘Hass’ avocado extracts significantly inhibited the formation of protein carbonyls in chilled patties at day 15. The present results highlight the potential usage of extracts from avocado by-products as ingredients for the production of muscle foods with enhanced quality traits.