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Isolation, modification and characterization of soluble arabinoxylan fractions from rye grain

Buksa, Krzysztof, Ziobro, Rafał, Nowotna, Anna, Praznik, Werner, Gambuś, Halina
European food research & technology 2012 v.235 no.3 pp. 385-395
arabinoxylan, breads, chemical analysis, chemical composition, crosslinking, enzymatic hydrolysis, high performance liquid chromatography, molecular weight, rye, viscosity, water solubility
Because of the positive role of arabinoxylans and especially their water-soluble fractions in establishing bread properties, it seems reasonable to use them as natural bread improvers. In this work, an adequate isolation procedure of water-soluble arabinoxylans from rye grain with efficient purification steps is presented, delivering 2.9 % yield from wholemeal with a content of arabinoxylan of approximately 70 % and an arabinose/xylose ratio of 0.7. Furthermore, soluble arabinoxylans were modified by enzymatic hydrolyses, cross-linking with peroxidase/H2O2 treatment and combination of both for developing preparations applicable for bread making with different quality profiles. Additionally, a detailed analysis of chemical composition and molecular dimension was carried out by HPLC, SEC, HPSEC and viscosity measuring. The preparation after cross-linking showed considerably higher molar mass values, lower solubility and higher viscosity with high Huggin’s constant compared to the not modified sample. Otherwise, the combination of enzymatic hydrolysis and cross-linking resulted in the formation of arabinoxylan preparations with only slight degree of cross-linking and properties comparable with the only hydrolyzed sample.