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Selenium content of Portuguese unifloral honeys

Costa-Silva, Filipe, Maia, Miguel, Matos, Carlos C., Calçada, Ema, Barros, Ana I.R.N.A., Nunes, Fernando M.
Subtropical plant science 2011 v.24 no.3 pp. 351-355
Castanea sativa, Citrus, Echium plantagineum, Erica, Eucalyptus, Lavandula stoechas, honey, selenium
The selenium contents of a total of 62 unifloral honeys from Erica spp., Castanea sativa, Eucalyptus spp., Lavandula stoechas, Citrus spp. and Echium plantagineum honeys collected in Portugal were determined by fluorometry after reaction with 2,3-diaminonaphthalene. The selenium levels of the honey samples studied were low, ranging from <1.0 to 2.91μg/100g fresh weight. The honeys from Erica spp., C. sativa and E. plantagineum presented the highest selenium values from all the honeys studied (median values 1.69, 1.51 and 1.51μg/100g fresh weight), and the honeys from Eucalyptus spp., L. stoechas and Citrus spp. presented the lowest values (median values 1.33, 1.28 and 1.20μg/100g fresh weight). The selenium content of Erica spp., was significantly higher than that observed for the Eucalyptus spp., L. stoechas and Citrus spp. and the selenium level of the Eucalyptus spp., was also significantly lower than that observed C. sativa and E. plantagineum honeys. From these results it can be concluded that honey is a marginal source of Se for the Portuguese population.