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Alpine-subalpine species richness of the Romanian Carpathians and the current conservation status of rare species

Coldea, Gheorghe, Stoica, Ilie-Adrian, Puşcaş, Mihai, Ursu, Tudor, Oprea, Adrian
Biodiversity and conservation 2009 v.18 no.6 pp. 1441-1458
biogeography, global warming, latitude, longitude, mountains, species diversity
In the context of global warming, alpine-subalpine plant species are some of the most threatened. The distribution of these species in the Romanian Carpathians is centralized and analyzed for the first time. A network with 472 grid cells of 12.5 x 11.5 km (6' latitude x 10' longitude) has been used to register the distribution of 550 selected high mountain taxa. The analysis starts with a brief description of the most important determinants of alpine-subalpine species richness, continues with a comparison between the different sub groups of the Romanian Carpathians and a discussion of their particularities. The purpose of the paper is to identify areas in need of protection as well as rare and vulnerable species outside the network of protected areas. A description of the current network of protected areas from the Romanian Carpathians is provided, with ideas for improvement.