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A review study on chemical composition and molecular structure of newly plant gum exudates and seed gums

Mirhosseini, Hamed, Amid, Bahareh Tabatabaee
Food research international 2012 v.46 no.1 pp. 387-398
chemical composition, chemical structure, dietary fiber, drugs, emulsifiers, foaming, functional properties, plant exudates, plant gums, polymers, seeds, stabilizers, texture, thickeners
A large number of plants can produce the complex polysaccharides commercially known as ‘plant-based gums’. Several studies on various plant-based gums (mainly plant gum exudates and seed sums) have resulted in the identification of valuable natural sources of complex carbohydrate polymers that promote the desired quality, stability, texture and appearance. The plant gum exudates and seed gums are the complex polysaccharides/carbohydrate polymers commonly used as a dietary fiber, thickening agent, foaming agent, film, emulsifier, stabilizer and drug delivery agent. The physical and functional properties of plant-based gums depend on their chemical compositions and molecular structures. Recently, there is a substantial interest to elucidate the relationship between the chemical composition, molecular structure and physical characteristics and functional properties of plant gum exudates and seed gums. The present study also summarized the molecular structure, chemical composition and functional properties of various types of plant gum exudates.