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Application of temperature, water stress, CO2 in rice growth models

Cho, Jaeil, Oki, Taikan
Rice 2012 v.5 no.1 pp. 15
rice, water stress, night temperature, climate change, growth models, grain yield, humidity, photosynthesis, water resources, prediction
In recent decades, numerous studies have attempted to project the impact of hypothesised anthropogenic climate change on rice production. In this study, we offer a comprehensive review of our current understanding related to temperature, CO₂, and water-demand parameters in rice growth models. As to future rice yield, night time temperature should be focused in the models as well as day time temperature owing to the contribution of temperature on the night time respiration. Furthermore, although CO₂-enhanced photosynthesis is critical for the accurate prediction of rice production in a higher CO₂atmosphere, we found that recent well-developed photosynthesis-stomatal model cannot realize the variation of CO₂stomatal sensitivity with humidity conditions. To estimate water stress under projected climate-change conditions, rice growth model should be required to link with water resource model, which includes natural processes and anthropogenic regulations. The understanding of abilities and limitations in the models is important not only to improve the schemes that models employ, but to also critically review the simulated results.