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Physical properties and microstructure of yoghurt enriched with milk fat globule membrane material

Le, Thien Trung, van Camp, John, Pascual, Pet Anthony L., Meesen, Geert, Thienpont, Natacha, Messens, Kathy, Dewettinck, Koen
International dairy journal 2011 v.21 no.10 pp. 798-805
adhesion, buttermilk, confocal scanning laser microscopy, fat globules, fermentation, firmness, ingredients, microstructure, milk fat, milk proteins, new products, pH, powders, skim milk, water holding capacity, yogurt
Milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) material was isolated from industrial buttermilk powder (BMP) and both were used as a supplement for the production of yoghurt. MFGM isolated from BMP contained a high concentration of skim milk proteins. The pH measurements indicated no retardation effect of MFGM material to yoghurt fermentation. Comparing yoghurts with the same amount of dry solids, an increase in the concentration of MFGM-enriched material resulted in increasing water-holding capacity and adhesiveness. Supplementation of the MFGM material altered the firmness of yoghurt. Based on confocal laser scanning microscopy, the microstructure of MFGM-enriched yoghurts was denser from that of plain skim milk and BMP-enriched yoghurts. These results indicate the high potential of MFGM material to be used as a novel ingredient for the development of new functional products, utilizing both the technological functionalities as well as the nutritional properties of the material.