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Genetic mapping and molecular marker development for the gene Pre2 controlling purple grains in barley

Jia, Qiaojun, Zhu, Jinghuan, Wang, Junmei, Yang, Jianming, Zhang, Guoping
Euphytica 2016 v.208 no.2 pp. 215-223
anthocyanins, barley, chromosome mapping, color, dominant genes, expressed sequence tags, genetic distance, loci, microsatellite repeats, pericarp, plant breeding, reciprocal crosses
Purple grains in barley are caused by the presence of anthocyanin in both aleurone and pericarp, and the trait is controlled by one or two dominant genes. In this study, we demonstrated that purple grain was controlled by a single dominant gene using reciprocal crosses between Yuyaohongdamai and AC Parkhill or ACCA. The close linkage between grain color and spike type (controlled by Vrs1) was found in the crosses between Yuyaohongdamai and ACCA. The purple-grain gene was mapped on chromosome 2HL between the SSR markers Bmag0125 (1.2 cM) and GBMS244 (2.8 cM), and was about 5.1 cM distal from Vrs1. The marker enrichment in the target region was carried out by amplifying barley EST- and rice homologous gene-based searching for polymorphic loci adjacent to Pre2. Four of the newly developed markers were mapped in the Pre2 gene region. The purple lemma and pericarp gene (Pre2) was then finely mapped between InDel marker PQJ1056 (from EST BM096525) and HvOs04g47170 with genetic distance of 0.3 and 0.1 cM, respectively.