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Characterisation of natural honey proteins: implications for the floral and geographical origin of honey

Mohammed, Seif Eldin A., Azim, M. Kamran
International journal of food science & technology 2012 v.47 no.2 pp. 362-368
filtration, gels, harvest date, honey, molecular weight, proteins, statistical analysis
Characterisation of honey proteins has been considered advantageous for differentiating floral and geographical origin of honey. We analysed protein profiles of multi‐ and mono‐floral honey samples from different regions and harvest dates. The molecular masses of chromatographic peaks were in the range of 10–>200 kDa. Owing to comparable molecular masses, interesting correlation between profiles of honey proteins reported earlier and observed in this study could be established. Chromatograms of honey proteins revealed three novel peaks of molecular masses ∼220, 129 and 26 kDa. Statistical analysis of peak areas showed that the 84‐kDa peak was different among all honey samples and the 220‐kDa peak was important for differentiation between multi‐ and mono‐floral honey samples. Chromatograms of several‐year‐old honey samples were different from fresh samples because of depletion of high molecular mass peaks that indicated in situ proteolysis. The results supported the notion of applying gel filtration as cost‐effective and robust technique for honey protein characterisation.