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Alien Grapes (Vitis, Vitaceae) in Sicily (Italy): Novelties for the Sicilian and Mediterranean Flora

Ardenghi, Nicola M.G., Cauzzi, Paolo
Natural history sciences 2015 v.2 no.2
Vitis cinerea var. helleri, Vitis labrusca, Vitis riparia, Vitis rupestris, flora, introduced plants, viticulture, Crete, Greece, Italy, Sicily
With the aim to improve and update the information on distribution and invasiveness of the genus Vitis across the Euro-Mediterranean area, the authors explored Sicily (Italy), one of the world most important areas for viticulture, where this taxonomic critical group seems to have been neglected on floristics grounds. One naturalized (V. ×goliath) and two invasive taxa (V. ×instabilis, V. ×ruggerii) are reported for the first time from this region, while the presence of V. labrusca and V. ×koberi is confirmed. V. rupestris and V. ×ruggerii are recorded as invasive for the first time in the Euro-Mediterranean area, while the invasion status of V. labrusca is changed from casual to naturalized for Sicily. Previous literature data on V. berlandieri and V. riparia are discussed: the former species is excluded from the Sicilian flora, while the latter is regarded as doubtfully present. Additionally, the first record of V. ×ruggerii from Greece (Crete) is reported; this neophyte was previously unknown from eastern Mediterranean.