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Influence of the Stage of Ripeness on the Composition of Iridoids and Phenolic Compounds in Genipap (Genipa americana L.)

Sousa Benets, Adria de, Mercadante, Adriana Zerlotti
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2014 v.62 no.44 pp. 10800-10808
Genipa americana, color, endocarp, firmness, iridoids, phenolic compounds, ripening, Amazonia
Genipap fruits, native to the Amazon region, were classified in relation to their stage of ripeness according to firmness and peel color. The influence of the part of the genipap fruit and ripeness stage on the iridoid and phenolic compound profiles was evaluated by HPLC-DAD-MSn, and a total of 17 compounds were identified. Geniposide was the major compound in both parts of the unripe genipap fruits, representing >70% of the total iridoids, whereas 5-caffeoylquinic acid was the major phenolic compound. In ripe fruits, genipin gentiobioside was the major compound in the endocarp (38%) and no phenolic compounds were detected. During ripening, the total iridoid content decreased by >90%, which could explain the absence of blue pigment formation in the ripe fruits after their injury. This is the first time that the phenolic compound composition and iridoid contents of genipap fruits have been reported in the literature.