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Analysis of 10 Metabolites of Polymethoxyflavones with High Sensitivity by Electrochemical Detection in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Zheng, Jinkai, Bi, Jinfeng, Johnson, David, Sun, Yue, Song, Mingyue, Qiu, Peiju, Dong, Ping, Decker, Eric, Xiao, Hang
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2015 v.63 no.2 pp. 509-516
ammonium acetate, detection limit, electrochemistry, equations, flavones, high performance liquid chromatography, metabolites, mice, polymethoxyflavones, urine
Polymethoxyflavones (PMFs) have been known as a type of bioactive flavones that possess various beneficial biological functions. Accumulating evidence demonstrated that the metabolites of PMFs, that is, hydroxyl PMFs (OH-PMFs), had more potent beneficial biological effects than their corresponding parent PMFs. To facilitate the further identification and quantification of OH-PMFs in biological samples, the aim of this study was to develop a methodology for the simultaneous determination of 10 OH-PMFs using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) coupled with electrochemistry detection. The HPLC profiles of these 10 OH-PMFs affected by different chromatographic parameters (different organic composition in mobile phases, the concentration of trifluoroacetic acid, and the concentration of ammonium acetate) are fully discussed in this study. The optimal condition was selected for the following validation studies. The linearity of calibration curves, accuracy, and precision (intra- and interday) at three concentration levels (low, middle, and high concentration range) were verified. The regression equations were linear (r > 0.9992) over the range of 0.005–10 μM. The limit of detection for 10 OH-PMFs was in the range of 0.8–3.7 ng/mL (S/N = 3, 10 μL injection). The recovery rates ranged from 86.6 to 108.7%. The precisions of intraday and interday analyses were less than 7.37 and 8.63% for relative standard deviation, respectively. This validated method was applied for the analysis of a variety of samples containing OH-PMFs. This paper also gives an example of analyzing the metabolites of nobiletin in mouse urine using the developed method. The transformation from nobiletin to traces of 5-hydroxyl metabolites has been discovered by this effective method, and this is the first paper to report such an association.