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Application of the Red List Index as an indicator of habitat change

Juslén, Aino, Pykälä, Juha, Kuusela, Saija, Kaila, Lauri, Kullberg, Jaakko, Mattila, Jaakko, Muona, Jyrki, Saari, Sanna, Cardoso, Pedro
Biodiversity and conservation 2016 v.25 no.3 pp. 569-585
Coleoptera, Heteroptera, biotopes, forest habitats, forests, natural resources conservation, Finland
For the first time ever, the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List Index for habitat types was calculated for an entire country, Finland. The RLIs were based on species threat assessments from 2000 and 2010 and included habitat definitions for all 10,131 species of 12 organism groups. The RLIs were bootstrapped to track statistically significant changes. The RLI changes of species grouped by habitats were negative for all habitat types except for forests and rural biotopes which showed a stable trend. Trends of beetles and true bugs were positive in rural and forest habitats. Other 16 observed trends of species group and habitat combinations were negative. Several trends observed were in accordance with studies focusing on particular taxa and habitats, and drivers for their change. This study demonstrates the usefulness of the RLI as a tool for observing habitat change based on species threat assessment data.