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The relationships between content of heavy metals in soil and in strawberries

Bystricka, Judita, Musilova, Janette, Trebichalsky, Pavol, Tomas, Jan, Stanovic, Radovan, Bajcan, Daniel, Kavalcova, Petra
International journal of phytoremediation 2016 v.18 no.6 pp. 553-558
ammonium nitrate, cadmium, heavy metals, lead, phytoremediation, soil, strawberries, Slovakia
The work was aimed at assessment of quality of strawberry based on the contents of heavy metals as well as the possible correlations between selected heavy metals in soil and strawberries. The results revealed that from all observed metals in soil determined in aqua regia only in the case of cadmium the maximum permissible limit in comparison with the limit resulting from the Law No. 220/2004 as well as threshold values proposed by European Commission (EC) (2006) has been exceeded. In our paper the values of cadmium in the soil representing 1.86 to 2.41 times higher values than limit valid in the Slovak Republic (0.7 mg/kg) and 2.6 to 3.38 times higher in comparison to EC (0.5 mg/kg). In our study in 1 M NH ₄NO ₃ the values of lead ranged from 0.125 to 0.205 mg/kg representing values exceeded the limit valid in Slovak Republic (0.1 mg/kg) about 0.037–0.105 mg/kg. Despite exceeded values of heavy metals in soil, no values above the limit directly in strawberries when compared to Food Codex of Slovak Republic as well as to Commission Regulation 1881/2006 were recorded. Among the varieties statistically significant differences (P < 0.05) in intake of heavy metals were found.