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Brevis spring triticale

McLeod, J. G., Randhawa, H. S., Ammar, K., Beres, B. L., Muri, R. B.
Canadian journal of plant science 2012 v.92 no.1 pp. 199-202
Antilocapra americana, Fusarium head blight, cultivars, grain yield, leaf rust, lodging resistance, prairies, races, soil, stem rust, triticale
McLeod, J. G., Randhawa, H. S., Ammar, K., Beres, B. L. and Muri, R. B. 2012. Brevis spring triticale. Can. J. Plant Sci. 92: 199–202. Brevis spring triticale (×Triticosecale Wittmack) is well adapted to the Canadian prairies with high grain yield in each of the soil zones. Brevis has reduced height compared with the check cultivars and excellent lodging resistance. Brevis matures in a similar number of days as Pronghorn and AC Certa and about 3d later than AC Ultima. It combines large heavy seed with test weight equal to that of AC Certa, the best check cultivar. Brevis is resistant to the prevalent races of leaf rust, stem rust and common bunt. Its reaction to Fusarium head blight is moderately susceptible to moderately resistant.