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Plant Communities of the Similkameen Valley, British Columbia, and Their Relationships to Soils

McLean, Alastair
Ecological monographs 1970 v.40 no.4 pp. 403-424
Abies lasiocarpa, Artemisia tridentata, Chernozems, Luvisols, Phyllodoce, Pinus ponderosa, Pseudotsuga menziesii, climate, habitats, plant communities, vegetation, British Columbia
Five vegetation zones were recognized in the Similkameen Valley of southern British Columbia. These zones were largely controlled by elevation primarily as a reflection of climate. The climate becomes progressively more moist from east to west and with increasing elevation. Two habitat types were described in the Artemisia tridentata zone, three in the Pinus ponderosa zone, five in the Pseudotsuga menziesii zone, five in the Abies lasiocarpa zone, and one in the Alpine zone. Some habitat types correlated well with the soils at a great group level. The Pinus—Festuca habitat type was found mostly on Dark Gray soils, the Pseudotsuga—Festuca habitat type on a variety of soils, the Pseudotsuga—Calamagrostis habitat type on Gray Luvisols, the Festuca—Eriogonum habitat type on Black Chernozems, the Abies—Vaccinium—Calamagrostis habitat type on Dystric Brunisols, and the Abies—Vaccinium, Phyllodoce habitat type on Alpine Dytsric Brunisols soils. A key for the identification of the major habitat types is included.