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Attenuation of Urinary Cadmium in Inhabitants of the Environmentally Exposed Jinzu River Basin Determined by Applying a Mixed Linear Model

Nogawa, Kazuhiro, Suwazono, Yasushi, Ishizaki, Masao, Aoshima, Keiko, Okamoto, Rie, Nishijo, Muneko, Nakagawa, Hideaki, Kido, Teruhiko
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology 2016 v.96 no.5 pp. 699-703
cadmium, half life, linear models, men, watersheds, women
Half-life of urinary cadmium level (U-Cd) was estimated in inhabitants whose initial U-Cd was ≥5 μg/L (131 men and 177 women) or ≥5 μg/gcr (195 men and 246 women), using a linear mixed model adjusted for the baseline age. To clarify the effect of initial U-Cd, the target participants were divided into higher or lower initial U-Cd group. In the higher groups, the half-lives were 15.4 and 13.1 years for unadjusted U-Cd and 19.0 and 23.0 years for creatinine-adjusted U-Cd, in men and women, respectively. In the lower groups, the half-lives were 38.0 and 26.0 years for unadjusted U-Cd in men and women. For creatinine-adjusted U-Cd, it was 42.9 years in men. For attenuation of U-Cd, there were an early fast component shown in the higher group and late slow component shown in the lower group. The attenuation of U-Cd is slower in the longer time compared to that previously reported.