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Weight Dynamics of Eucalyptus in the Mallee Vegetation of Southeast Australia

Holland, P. G.
Ecology 1969 v.50 no.2 pp. 212-219
Eucalyptus, aboveground biomass, drought, plant tissues, species diversity, stems, vegetation, Australia
Methods for the estimation of aerial biomas and its annual increment were devised and with them studies of the weight dynamics of Eucalyptus in two stands of mallee vegetation were made. The stands differ in species composition, age, and aerial biomass, yet the eucalypts of both added 6—8% to their aboveground biomass in 1965—66. In the older stand mean stem age is much less than stand age, and active stem replacement processes operate within it. But in the younger stand these processes do not appear, as yet, to have begun, and most stems of Eucalyptus in it are of the same age as the stand. Although both stands were fairly productive of plant tissues during the 1965—67 drought, it is likely that mature stands of mallee vegetation maintain their aerial biomass within limits determined by annual variations in the biotic and physical environments. This control shows in the variety of stem ages represented in the older stand.