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Caloric Values of Pinus Virginiana as Affected by Time of Sampling, Tree Age, and Position in Stand

Madgwick, H. A. I.
Ecology 1970 v.51 no.6 pp. 1094-1097
Pinus virginiana, bark, branches, conifer needles, growing season, sampling, stand density, tree age, tree trunk, trees, wood
Caloric values of new needles, twigs, and first—year cones increased throughout the growing season. Values for older tissues were more stable though cones decreased in caloric values during the second year. In young stands, suppressed trees had lower caloric values for needles than dominants, but this trend reversed with stand age. Branches on suppressed trees had higher caloric values than those on dominants. Bole—wood values were unaffected by position in stand. Stand age did not affect stand averages of caloric values of needles, branches, wood, or bark. Caloric values for Pinus virginiana increased in the order boles, branches, mature needles irrespective of tree age, stand density, and time of year. Values for P. Virginiana were similar to values for other Pinus spp. found in the literature.