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Seasonal Ionic Fluctuations in a Typha Glauca Community

Bayly, Isabel L., O'Neill, Tom A.
Ecology 1972 v.53 no.4 pp. 714-719
Typha glauca, calcium, ions, iron, leaves, magnesium, phosphorus, plant tissues, potassium, rhizomes, seasonal variation, sodium, soil
Calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, and phosphorus concentrations were measured in rhizomes, leaves, and floral stalks of a Typha glauca community during the growth season of 1968. Leaf—length and plant—organ moisture contents were also determined and used as indicators of physiological aging. Seasonal fluctuation was found in all ions examined in the soil and plant parts analyzed. The ions studied were grouped into three categories with reference to apparent seasonal fluctuations of ionic concentrations. Concentration changes of calcium and possibly magnesium in plant tissue were inversely related to apparent changes in substrate concentration. Changes in concentration of potassium and phosphorus in floral stalks and leaves were inversely related to apparent changes in ion concentration in the rhizome, although not related to changes in the substrates. Changes in concentration of sodium and iron in all plant parts sampled were directly related, but no relationship was detected between the apparent changes in concentration in plant tissue and those in the substrates.