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Quantifying the impact of urban area expansion on groundwater recharge and surface runoff

Eshtawi, Tamer, Evers, Mariele, Tischbein, Bernhard
Hydrological sciences journal 2016 v.61 no.5 pp. 826-843
stream flow, groundwater recharge, surface water, urban areas, aquifers, watersheds, Soil and Water Assessment Tool model, runoff, urbanization
In this surface water modelling study, a new spatial evaluation for assessing the impact of urbanization was applied for the semi-arid watersheds intersecting with the Gaza coastal aquifer. The SWAT model was calibrated and validated in a semi-automated approach for streamflow in the main watersheds. The results show that the model could simulate water budget components adequately within the complex semi-arid watersheds. Linear relationships between the change in urban area and the corresponding change in surface runoff or percolation were concluded for the urbanized sub-basins. The urban-surface runoff index (USI) and the urban-percolation index (UPI) were developed to represent a micro-level evaluation of different urban change scenarios in the sub-basins. The global urban-surface runoff index (GUSI) and the global urban-percolation index (GUPI) were derived as macro-level factors reflecting the influence on the overall Gaza coastal aquifer due to urban area expansion. Editor D. Koutsoyiannis Associate editor E. Rozos