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Identification of ALV-J associated acutely transforming virus Fu-J carrying complete v-fps oncogene

Wang, Yixin, Li, Jianliang, Li, Yang, Fang, Lichun, Sun, Xiaolong, Chang, Shuang, Zhao, Peng, Cui, Zhizhong
Virus genes 2016 v.52 no.3 pp. 365-371
Avian leukosis virus, carcinogenicity, crossbreds, evolution, oncogenes, polymerase chain reaction, sequence analysis, viruses, China
Transduction of oncogenes by ALVs and generation of acute transforming viruses is common in natural viral infections. In order to understand the molecular basis for the rapid oncogenicity of Fu-J, an acutely transforming avian leukosis virus isolated from fibrosarcomas in crossbreed broilers infected with subgroup J avian leukosis virus (ALV-J) in China, complete genomic structure of Fu-J virus was determined by PCR amplification and compared with those of Fu-J1, Fu-J2, Fu-J3, Fu-J4, and Fu-J5 reported previously. The results showed that the genome of Fu-J was defective, with parts of gag gene replaced by the complete v-fps oncogene and encoded a 137 kDa Gag-fps fusion protein. Sequence analysis revealed that Fu-J and Fu-J1 to Fu-J5 were related quasi-species variants carrying different lengths of v-fps oncogenes generated from recombination between helper virus and c-fps gene. Comparison of virus carrying v-fps oncogene also gave us a glimpse of the molecular characterization and evolution process of the acutely transforming ALV.