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Post-Mortem Estimation of Time of Death of Dogs Based on Measurements of Kidney Temperature in Comparison with Rectal Temperature

Listos, Piotr, Gryzinska, Magdalena, Piorkowski, Jacek, Teresinski, Grzegorz, Buszewicz, Grzegorz, Chagowski, Wojciech, Nozdrynplotnicki, Zbigniew, Lopuszynski, Wojciech
Acta veterinaria 2016 v.66 no.1 pp. 76-88
body weight, computers, death, dogs, environmental factors, kidneys, necropsy, rectum, temperature, thermometers
The subject of the study were dogs divided into two groups according to body weight: up to 10 kg and from 10 kg to 30 kg. The aim of the study was to determine the dynamics of the post-mortem decrease in rectal and kidney temperature. The temperature was measured on both sites at the same time using a thermometer connected to a computer, under constant environmental conditions of the necropsy room. In these animals, a higher temperature in the kidneys persisted for the duration of the study. Comparative analysis between mean differences in kidney and rectal temperature in small and large dogs showed the greatest temperature amplitude in the group of small dogs, both for the kidney and the rectum. The greatest decrease in temperature, 1.2°C, was noted for the kidney in small dogs between 4 and 6 hours after death. Analysis of the dynamics of the decrease in kidney and rectal temperature for both weight groups combined, and the difference in temperature between the kidney and the rectum in the time intervals analysed showed that in the first two hours the difference between kidney and rectal temperature did not exceed 0.5°C. Two hours after death the difference in temperature between the two measurement sites was about 0.5°C after which time dropped below 0.5ºC.