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Labelling the Behaviour of Piglets and Activity Monitoring from Video as a Tool of Assessing Interest in Different Environmental Enrichments / Oznaczanie zachowania i monitorowanie aktywności prosiąt na podstawie zapisu wideo jako narzędzie oceny ich zainteresowania różnymi elementami wzbogacającymi środowisko

Ismayilova, Gunel, Costa, Annamaria, Fontana, Ilaria, Berckmans, Daniel, Guarino, Marcella
Annals of animal science 2013 v.13 no.3 pp. 611-621
computer software, labeling techniques, monitoring, piglets, video cameras, weaning
The aim of this study was to explore the preference and the duration of interest of weaned pigs to two different types of environmental enrichments using labelling techniques and activity monitoring. Two pens each housing 14 Dalland piglets were monitored using a video camera. The videos were labelled during the weaning phase from 30 to 60 days of age. During this time, the video recording software continuously calculated the activity index of the pigs. To detect pig exploratory and playing behaviour, a wooden block and chain enrichment were introduced into each pen for 30 days. Each video frame was manually labelled during the Day 1, 5 and 30 (24 hours a day) for each pen using the Labelling Tool software. To identify the duration and frequency of interactive episodes with environmental enrichments, pig behaviour was labelled as either: no activity, interacting with chain or interacting with the wooden block. The mean duration of interactive episodes for the chain was greater than for the wooden block (P<0.001), while the frequency of interactive episodes was 28.8% higher for the wooden block than for the chain. By day 5, the mean duration of interaction episodes decreased in both pens and by day 30, only a few interaction episodes were observed. The number of interactive episodes were strictly related to the activity index and depended on the time of the day. The peaks of the mean number of interactive episodes calculated for all days of observations corresponded to the peaks of the mean activity index.