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Diel microdistribution of physical and chemical parameters within the dense Chara bed and their impact on zooplankton

Kuczyńska-Kippen, Natalia, Klimaszyk, Piotr
Biologia 2007 v.62 no.4 pp. 432-437
Chara, Rotifera, dissolved oxygen, environmental factors, habitats, lakes, macrophytes, statistical analysis, water quality, zooplankton, Poland
Research on the diurnal distribution of physical and chemical parameters within a single macrophyte bed was carried out on the shallow Wielkowiejskie Lake (Poland). A non-parametric statistical analysis was used to compare the water quality features in different parts of a Chara hispida habitat including the middle, both edge (vertical and horizontal) parts of a macrophyte plant, and the open water next to-and above the stonewort stand.The obtained results showed a differentiation in the physical-chemical parameters of the environmental conditions within the Chara hispida stand. The greatest variability was found for dissolved oxygen. Its lowest concentrations were noted in the central part of the macrophyte stand, irrespective of the sampling time.The zooplankton communities within the examined Chara bed were strongly influenced by the concentration of dissolved oxygen. It was also found that two main components of zooplankton communities (rotifers and cladocerans) had a similar trend in their spatial and diurnal distribution within the stonewort stand.