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A cytological observation of the fluid in the primo-nodes and vessels on the surfaces of mammalian internal organs

Sung, Baeckkyoung, Kim, Min, Lee, Byung-Cheon, Ahn, Seong-Hun, Hwang, Sung-Yeoun, Soh, Kwang-Sup
Biologia 2010 v.65 no.5 pp. 914-918
acupuncture, cytoplasm, granules, rabbits, rats
We report on the preliminary cytological observation of fluid in the primo-nodes and vessels on the surfaces of the internal organs of mammals. With some microsurgical procedures, we observed many cells and microcells that spread out of the nodes on the organ surfaces of rats and rabbits. These cells generally showed the following morphologies: (1) round or oval cells, 10 μm in size, with predominantly little cytoplasm; (2) cells with nuclei that exhibited a collapsed shape; (3) binucleated cells, 20 μm in size; (4) spherical granules, ranging 0.5–2.0 μm in size (primo-microcells); and (5) aggregations of such granules. These findings on the existence of cells with diverse morphologies in the fluid of primo-nodes and vessels could be evidence supporting the hypothesis that the anatomical basis of acupuncture meridians (i.e., primo-vascular system) may be a migration channel for various kind of cells.