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Phylogenetic relationships among Elymus and related diploid genera (Triticeae: Poaceae) based on nuclear rDNA ITS sequences

Gao, Gang, Deng, Jia-bin, Gou, Xue-mei, Wang, Qian, Ding, Chun-bang, Zhang, Li, Zhou, Yong-hong, Yang, Rui-wu
Biologia 2015 v.70 no.2 pp. 183-189pp. 7
Elymus, Pseudoroegneria, diploidy, genome, internal transcribed spacers, phylogeny, polyploidy, ribosomal DNA, sequence diversity, transcription (genetics)
To investigate the phylogenetic relationships among Elymus and related diploid genera, the genome donor of Elymus, and the evolutionary history of polyploid Elymus species, nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences were analyzed for 10 Elymus species, together with 17 diploid taxa from 5 monogenomic genera. The phylogenetic analyses (Neighbor-Joining) supported two major clades (St and H). Sequence diversity and genealogical analysis suggested that (1) Elymus species were unambiguously closely related to Pseudoroegeria; (2) Pse. stipifolia might be serve as the St genome donor of polyploid Elymus species; (3) the Y genome might be originated from ancestral lineage of Pseudoroegneria (St); (4) the ITS sequences of Elymus were evolutionarily distinct and may clarify parental lineages and phylogenetic relationships in Elymus.